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Enhance your Shoptalk Fall experience through these extracurricular activities – scheduled to never overlap with any Shoptalk Fall content sessions, Meetup or Tabletalks.

Skip the expense report – lean on us and our Sponsors to instead take you on a free ride throughout your time in Chicago!

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Leverage Meetup’s exceptionally high participation rate (85%+) to boost your event's presence and streamline calendar syncs, RSVP management and feedback, all while maintaining control over who can view and attend – be it a handpicked group, a specific vertical or open to all.

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I derived a ton of value from the meetups. Unilever plc
I was impressed by the logistics. Super easy! Lands' End
Keep it going! Nextdoor
So well planned! Bravo! Amazon
Terrific! Circle Commerce
This was not my primary purpose in attending Shoptalk but I gave it a try and I found it valuable. Boston Consulting Group
Well worth it. Under Armour, Inc
Excellent program! CNBC
Loved Meetup, all meetings were amazing. Inmar Intelligence
This was an amazing experience, all conferences should replicate!! Heights
Keep it up. Any chance to add more? Ariadne Maps Gmbh
It's BRILLIANT! Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
This was a great add Marlin Equity Partners
I enjoyed the conversations enormously. Red Wing Shoe Company
The fact that you are offering this is great! BMO Capital Markets
Astonishing how organized even with that many people! Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry
Wow, I met some amazing people there. Petticoat Lane
Highly valuable. CreatorIQ
Stellar. GoodRx
I was happy to see it was so casual and easy. The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.