Meet with senior executives from leading retailers & brands

Meet with senior executives from leading retailers & brands

Retail leaders will attend Shoptalk Fall to explore and evaluate purchasing the latest retail technology, particularly through Meetup’s double opt-in, 1-to-1 meetings.

Amplify your Meetup participation by purchasing guaranteed meetings with a pre-qualified subset of our audience composed of senior retail tech buyers.

Best of all, if any purchased meetings don’t happen you get your money back. No catch, just a rewarding experience rocking a 94% satisfaction rating. It’s the ultimate ROI experience!

Did you know?
By purchasing meetings you get exclusive access to senior execs
from the biggest retailers and brands.

  Purchased Meetings (Hosted) Free Meetings (Meetup)
Percent of retailer and brand audience with whom you get exclusive access​ 40%​ 0%​
Vetted retailers & brands actively seeking tech/solutions​
Can take meetings with entire retailer & brand audience
Full reimbursement for unfulfilled meetings​
Meeting length & location 15 minutes |
15 minutes |
Retailer & brand demographics​ Director and above from major retailers and brands Any job title from any attending retailer and brand